Osiyo and welcome to the Cherokee Nation’s 2016 Economic Impact Report.

The Cherokee Nation has long been a driving force of the economy in Oklahoma, and every year that impact grows. With a direct employment of more than 11,000 people, including contract workers around the U.S. and globally; an indirect employment of nearly 18,000; and facilities, construction projects and partnerships across all 14 counties, our economic impact on northeast Oklahoma has grown to more than $2.03 billion.

At a time when state budgets continue to shrink, other industries are slowing down, and Oklahomans are losing vital services, the Cherokee Nation is a stabilizing force in our region. Unlike other businesses and corporations, the Cherokee Nation is deeply rooted in northeast Oklahoma and always will be. We are essentially a corporate headquarters that will never pack up and leave. We are strong, and we are here to stay.

When the Cherokee Nation succeeds, Oklahoma succeeds. When Oklahoma succeeds, we all prosper and the lives of our families and neighbors are better. We are proud of the impact our tribe has on this state and hope you enjoy reading about our accomplishments in this report.

On behalf of our 350,000 Cherokee Nation tribal citizens, wado.

Principal Chief Bill John Baker

Deputy Principal Chief S. Joe Crittenden