The Cherokee Nation continues to be an impressive economic engine that drives growth in Oklahoma. Because of our business success, we are a proud partner of the state by improving roads, schools, health care, education and infrastructure that benefit all Oklahomans, not just Cherokee citizens.

In the past year, the Cherokee Nation has had a $1.3 billion economic impact on our state. We proudly reinvest our profits in the services and facilities that make Oklahoma a great place to live and raise a family. Oklahoma is our home, and we are proud to be a partner in its success.


This is the financial impact
Cherokee Nation is making annually
to improve the lives of Oklahomans.


See ways in which the Cherokee Nation is making an impact in your community.

  • Adair
  • Cherokee
  • Craig
  • Delaware
  • Mayes
  • McIntosh
  • Muskogee
  • Nowata
  • Ottawa
  • Rogers
  • Sequoyah
  • Tulsa
  • Wagoner
  • Washington

Adair County


Adair County continues to enjoy a strong Cherokee Nation presence anchoredby Cherokee Nation Industries and Cherokee Nation government operations.

Total Impact:

$64,506,258 output
908 jobs
$33,688,641 income

Cherokee County


As the namesake county, Cherokee County enjoys significant economic contributions both from government and business operations.

Total Impact:

$158,941,051 output
4,239 jobs
$154,291,800 income

Craig County


Craig County benefits from a direct Cherokee Nation government presence as well as significant vendor purchases (nearly $3.5 million) and local spending impacts.

Total Impact:

$9,611,401 output
163 jobs
$4,677,310 income

Delaware County


Delaware County enjoys a significant Cherokee Nation Businesses presence that alone generates $125 million in county output, employing 778 local workers and paying $33.7 million in local income payments.

Total Impact:

$147,937,240 output
1,178 jobs
$47,882,259 income

Mayes County

Mayes County benefits both from direct operations and vendor purchases originating from outside the county. Combined Cherokee Nation government and Cherokee Nation Businesses activities demand $11.8 million in county output from Mayes County vendors.

Total Impact:

$52,495,032 output
420 jobs
$13,341,686 income

McIntosh County

The Cherokee Nation does not specifically operate facilities within McIntosh County, but Cherokee operations in surrounding counties still led to more than $1.2 million in McIntosh County goods and services production, as Cherokee citizens and vendors spent money within the local economy.

Total Impact:

$1,222,971 output
18 jobs
$490,717 income

Muskogee County

Cherokee Nation and Cherokee Nation Businesses both had a significant economic footprint in Muskogee County in 2012.

Total Impact:

$80,645,026 output
828 jobs
$29,901,332 income

Nowata County

Even though Nowata County ranked only 11th in impact, the Cherokee Nation was still responsible for nearly $4.4 million in economic activity in 2012.

Total Impact:

$4,356,863 output
134 jobs
$4,027,787 income

Ottawa County

While the Cherokee Nation did not operate facilities in Ottawa County in 2012, payments to vendors and employees who resided within the county still led to $1.8 million in economic activity.

Total Impact:

$1,804,406 output
42 jobs
$512,824 income

Rogers County

Rogers County ranked second only to Tulsa County in Cherokee-related economic activity in 2012.

Total Impact:

$296,953,118 output
2,450 jobs
$124,339,647 income

Sequoyah County

Cherokee Nation activities accounted for $119 million in total economic impact in Sequoyah County in 2012, ranking it fifth in economic contribution from the Cherokee Nation.

Total Impact:

$118,956,730 output
1,046 jobs
$36,618,884 income

Tulsa County

Cherokee Nation and CNB’s combined ecomonic output was the highest in Tulsa County in 2012.

Total Impact:

$355,185,300 output
2,446 jobs
$97,160,213 income

Wagoner County

Wagoner County impacts were derived from vendor purchases and employee spending in 2012.

Total Impact:

$4,177,914 output
53 jobs
$1,373,792 income

Washington County


Washington County benefits from both Cherokee Nation and Cherokee Nation Businesses operations.

Total Impact:

$35,274,578 output
263 jobs
$10,704,504 income